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org::jruby::Ruby Class Reference

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class  CallTraceFuncHook
class  ExecRecursiveParams
class  RecursiveError
interface  RecursiveFunction
class  WeakDescriptorReference

Public Member Functions

void addEventHook (EventHook hook)
void addFinalizer (Finalizable finalizer)
void addInternalFinalizer (Finalizable finalizer)
void addModule (RubyModule module)
void addProfiledMethod (String name, DynamicMethod method)
int allocModuleId ()
int allocSymbolId ()
CallbackFactory callbackFactory (Class<?> type)
void callEventHooks (ThreadContext context, RubyEvent event, String file, int line, String name, IRubyObject type)
void checkSafeString (IRubyObject object)
void compileAndLoadFile (String filename, InputStream in, boolean wrap)
RubyClass defineClass (String name, RubyClass superClass, ObjectAllocator allocator)
RubyClass defineClass (String name, RubyClass superClass, ObjectAllocator allocator, CallSite[] callSites)
RubyClass defineClassUnder (String name, RubyClass superClass, ObjectAllocator allocator, RubyModule parent)
RubyClass defineClassUnder (String name, RubyClass superClass, ObjectAllocator allocator, RubyModule parent, CallSite[] callSites)
void defineGlobalConstant (String name, IRubyObject value)
RubyModule defineModule (String name)
RubyModule defineModuleUnder (String name, RubyModule parent)
void defineReadonlyVariable (String name, IRubyObject value)
void defineVariable (final GlobalVariable variable)
void eachModule (Function1< Object, IRubyObject > func)
IRubyObject evalScriptlet (String script)
IRubyObject evalScriptlet (String script, DynamicScope scope)
IRubyObject execRecursive (RecursiveFunction func, IRubyObject obj)
IRubyObject execRecursiveOuter (RecursiveFunction func, IRubyObject obj)
IRubyObject executeScript (String script, String filename)
RubyClass fastGetClass (String internedName)
RubyModule fastGetModule (String internedName)
RubySymbol fastNewSymbol (String internedName)
IRubyObject getArgsFile ()
RubyClass getArgumentError ()
RubyClass getArray ()
RubyClass getBasicObject ()
BeanManager getBeanManager ()
RubyClass getBignum ()
RubyClass getBinding ()
RubyHash getCharsetMap ()
RubyClass getClass (String name)
RubyClass getClassClass ()
RubyModule getClassFromPath (String path)
RubyModule getComparable ()
RubyClass getComplex ()
RubyClass getConcurrencyError ()
int getConstantGeneration ()
RubyClass getContinuation ()
RubyClass getConverter ()
RubyClass getConverterNotFoundError ()
ThreadContext getCurrentContext ()
String getCurrentDirectory ()
int getCurrentLine ()
IRubyObject getDebug ()
Encoding getDefaultExternalEncoding ()
Encoding getDefaultInternalEncoding ()
DynamicMethod getDefaultMethodMissing ()
RubyThreadGroup getDefaultThreadGroup ()
ChannelDescriptor getDescriptorByFileno (int aFileno)
Map< Integer,
getDescriptors ()
RubyClass getDir ()
RubyClass getDummy ()
RubyClass getEncoding ()
RubyClass getEncodingCompatibilityError ()
RubyClass getEncodingError ()
EncodingService getEncodingService ()
RubyModule getEnumerable ()
RubyClass getEnumerator ()
RubyClass getEOFError ()
PrintStream getErr ()
RubyModule getErrno ()
RubyClass getErrno (int n)
PrintStream getErrorStream ()
RubyModule getEtc ()
RubyClass getException ()
ExecutorService getExecutor ()
RubyBoolean getFalse ()
RubyClass getFalseClass ()
RubyClass getFatal ()
RubyClass getFile ()
RubyClass getFileStat ()
RubyModule getFileTest ()
RubyClass getFixnum ()
RubyClass getFloat ()
RubyClass getFloatDomainError ()
RubyModule getGC ()
long getGlobalState ()
GlobalVariables getGlobalVariables ()
IRubyObject getGroupStruct ()
RubyClass getHash ()
Object getHierarchyLock ()
InputStream getIn ()
RubyClass getIndexError ()
InputStream getInputStream ()
RubyInstanceConfig getInstanceConfig ()
RubyClass getInteger ()
RubyClass getInterrupt ()
RubyClass getInvalidByteSequenceError ()
RubyClass getIO ()
RubyClass getIOError ()
JavaSupport getJavaSupport ()
JITCompiler getJITCompiler ()
Set< ScriptgetJittedMethods ()
synchronized JRubyClassLoader getJRubyClassLoader ()
String getJRubyHome ()
KCode getKCode ()
RubyModule getKernel ()
RubyClass getLoadError ()
LoadService getLoadService ()
RubyClass getLocalJumpError ()
RubyModule getMarshal ()
RubyClass getMatchData ()
RubyModule getMath ()
RubyClass getMathDomainError ()
RubyClass getMethod ()
RubyModule getModule (String name)
RubyClass getModule ()
RubyClass getNameError ()
RubyClass getNameErrorMessage ()
RubyClass getNativeException ()
long getNextDynamicMethodSerial ()
IRubyObject getNil ()
RubyClass getNilClass ()
IRubyObject[] getNilPrefilledArray ()
RubyClass getNoMemoryError ()
RubyClass getNoMethodError ()
DynamicMethod getNormalMethodMissing ()
RubyClass getNotImplementedError ()
RubyClass getNumeric ()
RubyClass getObject ()
ObjectSpace getObjectSpace ()
RubyModule getObjectSpaceModule ()
RubyModule getOrCreateModule (String name)
PrintStream getOut ()
PrintStream getOutputStream ()
Parser getParser ()
IRubyObject getPasswdStruct ()
POSIX getPosix ()
RubyModule getPrecision ()
DynamicMethod getPrivateMethodMissing ()
RubyClass getProc ()
RubyModule getProcess ()
RubyModule getProcGID ()
RubyClass getProcStatus ()
RubyModule getProcSysModule ()
RubyModule getProcUID ()
Profile getProfile ()
DynamicMethod getProtectedMethodMissing ()
Random getRandom ()
RubyClass getRandomClass ()
long getRandomSeed ()
RubyClass getRange ()
RubyClass getRangeError ()
RubyClass getRational ()
GlobalVariable getRecordSeparatorVar ()
RubyClass getRegexp ()
RubyClass getRegexpError ()
Object getRespondToMethod ()
RubyClass getRuntimeError ()
int getSafeLevel ()
RubyClass getSecurityError ()
SelectorPool getSelectorPool ()
RubyClass getSignalException ()
IRubyObject[] getSingleNilArray ()
int getStackTraces ()
RubyClass getStandardError ()
long getStartTime ()
RubyClass getStopIteration ()
RubyClass getString ()
RubyClass getStructClass ()
DynamicMethod getSuperMethodMissing ()
RubyClass getSymbol ()
RubySymbol.SymbolTable getSymbolTable ()
RubyClass getSyntaxError ()
RubyClass getSystemCallError ()
RubyClass getSystemExit ()
RubyClass getSystemStackError ()
RubyClass getThread ()
RubyClass getThreadError ()
RubyClass getThreadGroup ()
ThreadService getThreadService ()
RubyClass getTime ()
Map< String, DateTimeZone > getTimezoneCache ()
IRubyObject getTmsStruct ()
IRubyObject getTopSelf ()
RubyBoolean getTrue ()
RubyClass getTrueClass ()
RubyClass getTypeError ()
RubyClass getUnboundMethod ()
RubyClass getUndefinedConversionError ()
DynamicMethod getVariableMethodMissing ()
IRubyObject getVerbose ()
RubyWarnings getWarnings ()
RubyClass getYielder ()
RubyClass getZeroDivisionError ()
boolean hasEventHooks ()
void incGlobalState ()
synchronized void incrementConstantGeneration ()
long incrementRandomSeedSequence ()
boolean is1_9 ()
boolean isClassDefined (String name)
boolean isDebug ()
boolean isDoNotReverseLookupEnabled ()
boolean isGlobalAbortOnExceptionEnabled ()
boolean isInspecting (Object obj)
boolean isObjectSpaceEnabled ()
boolean isVerbose ()
void loadConstantSet (RubyModule module, String constantSetName)
void loadFile (String scriptName, InputStream in, boolean wrap)
void loadScript (Script script)
RaiseException newArgumentError (int got, int expected)
RaiseException newArgumentError (String message)
RubyArray newArray ()
RubyArray newArray (IRubyObject object)
RubyArray newArray (IRubyObject car, IRubyObject cdr)
RubyArray newArray (IRubyObject...objects)
RubyArray newArray (List< IRubyObject > list)
RubyArray newArray (int size)
RubyArray newArrayLight ()
RubyArray newArrayNoCopy (IRubyObject...objects)
RubyArray newArrayNoCopyLight (IRubyObject...objects)
RubyBinding newBinding (Binding binding)
RubyBinding newBinding ()
RubyProc newBlockPassProc (Block.Type type, Block block)
RubyBoolean newBoolean (boolean value)
RaiseException newConcurrencyError (String message)
RaiseException newConverterNotFoundError (String message)
RubyObject.Data newData (RubyClass objectClass, Object sval)
RubyArray newEmptyArray ()
RaiseException newEncodingCompatibilityError (String message)
RaiseException newEncodingError (String message)
RaiseException newEOFError ()
RaiseException newEOFError (String message)
RaiseException newErrnoEACCESError (String message)
RaiseException newErrnoEADDRINUSEError ()
RaiseException newErrnoEADDRINUSEError (String message)
RaiseException newErrnoEADDRNOTAVAILError (String message)
RaiseException newErrnoEAGAINError (String message)
RaiseException newErrnoEBADFError (String message)
RaiseException newErrnoEBADFError ()
RaiseException newErrnoECHILDError ()
RaiseException newErrnoECONNABORTEDError ()
RaiseException newErrnoECONNREFUSEDError ()
RaiseException newErrnoECONNRESETError ()
RaiseException newErrnoEDOMError (String message)
RaiseException newErrnoEEXISTError (String message)
RaiseException newErrnoEINPROGRESSError (String message)
RaiseException newErrnoEINPROGRESSError ()
RaiseException newErrnoEINVALError (String message)
RaiseException newErrnoEINVALError ()
RaiseException newErrnoEISCONNError ()
RaiseException newErrnoEISCONNError (String message)
RaiseException newErrnoEISDirError (String message)
RaiseException newErrnoEISDirError ()
RaiseException newErrnoENOENTError ()
RaiseException newErrnoENOENTError (String message)
RaiseException newErrnoENOPROTOOPTError ()
RaiseException newErrnoENOTCONNError ()
RaiseException newErrnoENOTCONNError (String message)
RaiseException newErrnoENOTDIRError (String message)
RaiseException newErrnoENOTSOCKError (String message)
RaiseException newErrnoEPIPEError ()
RaiseException newErrnoESPIPEError ()
RaiseException newErrnoESPIPEError (String message)
RaiseException newErrnoFromInt (int errno, String message)
RaiseException newErrnoFromLastPOSIXErrno ()
RubyFileStat newFileStat (FileDescriptor descriptor)
RubyFileStat newFileStat (String filename, boolean lstat)
RubyFixnum newFixnum (Constant value)
RubyFixnum newFixnum (int value)
RubyFixnum newFixnum (long value)
RubyFloat newFloat (double value)
RaiseException newFloatDomainError (String message)
RaiseException newFrozenError (String objectType)
RaiseException newIllegalSequence (String message)
RaiseException newIndexError (String message)
RaiseException newInvalidByteSequenceError (String message)
RaiseException newInvalidEncoding (String message)
RaiseException newIOError (String message)
RaiseException newIOErrorFromException (IOException ioe)
RaiseException newLoadError (String message)
RaiseException newLocalJumpError (RubyLocalJumpError.Reason reason, IRubyObject exitValue, String message)
RaiseException newLocalJumpErrorNoBlock ()
RaiseException newMathDomainError (String message)
RaiseException newNameError (String message, String name)
RaiseException newNameError (String message, String name, Throwable origException)
RaiseException newNameError (String message, String name, Throwable origException, boolean printWhenVerbose)
RaiseException newNoMethodError (String message, String name, IRubyObject args)
RaiseException newNotImplementedError (String message)
RubyNumeric newNumeric ()
RubyProc newProc (Block.Type type, Block block)
RaiseException newRangeError (String message)
RaiseException newRedoLocalJumpError ()
RaiseException newRegexpError (String message)
RaiseException newRuntimeError (String message)
RaiseException newSecurityError (String message)
RaiseException newStandardError (String message)
RubyString newString (ByteList byteList)
RubyString newString (String string)
RubyString newString ()
RubyString newStringShared (ByteList byteList)
RubySymbol newSymbol (String name)
RaiseException newSyntaxError (String message)
RaiseException newSystemCallError (String message)
RaiseException newSystemExit (int status)
RaiseException newSystemStackError (String message, StackOverflowError soe)
RaiseException newSystemStackError (String message)
RaiseException newThreadError (String message)
RubyTime newTime (long milliseconds)
RaiseException newTypeError (String message)
RaiseException newTypeError (IRubyObject receivedObject, RubyClass expectedType)
RaiseException newUndefinedConversionError (String message)
RaiseException newZeroDivisionError ()
Node parse (ByteList content, String file, DynamicScope scope, int lineNumber, boolean extraPositionInformation)
Node parse (String content, String file, DynamicScope scope, int lineNumber, boolean extraPositionInformation)
Node parseEval (String content, String file, DynamicScope scope, int lineNumber)
Node parseEval (ByteList content, String file, DynamicScope scope, int lineNumber)
Node parseFile (InputStream in, String file, DynamicScope scope)
Node parseFile (InputStream in, String file, DynamicScope scope, int lineNumber)
Node parseFromMain (InputStream inputStream, String filename)
Node parseInline (InputStream in, String file, DynamicScope scope)
void printError (RubyException excp)
IRubyObject pushExitBlock (RubyProc proc)
void registerDescriptor (ChannelDescriptor descriptor)
void registerDescriptor (ChannelDescriptor descriptor, boolean isRetained)
void registerInspecting (Object obj)
void removeEventHook (EventHook hook)
void removeFinalizer (Finalizable finalizer)
void removeInternalFinalizer (Finalizable finalizer)
void runFromMain (InputStream inputStream, String filename)
IRubyObject runInterpreter (Node scriptNode)
IRubyObject runInterpreterBody (Node scriptNode)
IRubyObject runNormally (Node scriptNode, boolean unused)
IRubyObject runNormally (Node scriptNode)
IRubyObject runScript (Script script)
IRubyObject runScriptBody (Script script)
IRubyObject runWithGetsLoop (Node scriptNode, boolean printing, boolean processLineEnds, boolean split)
IRubyObject runWithGetsLoop (Node scriptNode, boolean printing, boolean processLineEnds, boolean split, boolean unused)
void secure (int level)
void setArgsFile (IRubyObject argsFile)
void setCurrentDirectory (String dir)
void setCurrentLine (int line)
void setDebug (IRubyObject debug)
void setDefaultExternalEncoding (Encoding defaultExternalEncoding)
void setDefaultInternalEncoding (Encoding defaultInternalEncoding)
void setDefaultMethodMissing (DynamicMethod method)
void setDoNotReverseLookupEnabled (boolean b)
void setEtc (RubyModule etcModule)
void setGlobalAbortOnExceptionEnabled (boolean enable)
void setGlobalVariables (GlobalVariables globalVariables)
void setJRubyHome (String home)
void setKCode (KCode kcode)
void setNormalMethodMissing (DynamicMethod method)
void setPrivateMethodMissing (DynamicMethod method)
void setProtectedMethodMissing (DynamicMethod method)
void setRandomClass (RubyClass randomClass)
void setRandomSeed (long randomSeed)
void setRecordSeparatorVar (GlobalVariable recordSeparatorVar)
void setRespondToMethod (Object rtm)
void setSafeLevel (int safeLevel)
void setStackTraces (int stackTraces)
void setSuperMethodMissing (DynamicMethod method)
void setTraceFunction (RubyProc traceFunction)
void setVariableMethodMissing (DynamicMethod method)
void setVerbose (IRubyObject verbose)
void tearDown ()
void tearDown (boolean systemExit)
Script tryCompile (Node node)
Script tryCompile (Node node, ASTInspector inspector)
void unregisterDescriptor (int aFileno)
void unregisterInspecting (Object obj)
void useAsGlobalRuntime ()
boolean warningsEnabled ()

Static Public Member Functions

static ClassLoader getClassLoader ()
static Ruby getCurrentInstance ()
static Ruby getDefaultInstance ()
static synchronized Ruby getGlobalRuntime ()
static boolean isGlobalRuntimeReady ()
static boolean isSecurityRestricted ()
static Ruby newInstance ()
static Ruby newInstance (RubyInstanceConfig config)
static Ruby newInstance (InputStream in, PrintStream out, PrintStream err)
static void setCurrentInstance (Ruby runtime)
static void setSecurityRestricted (boolean restricted)

Public Attributes

final RubyFixnum[] fixnumCache = new RubyFixnum[2 * RubyFixnum.CACHE_OFFSET]

Static Public Attributes


Package Functions

public< E extends Enum< E > > void loadConstantSet (RubyModule module, Class< E > enumClass)
void setArray (RubyClass arrayClass)
void setBignum (RubyClass bignumClass)
void setBinding (RubyClass bindingClass)
void setComparable (RubyModule comparableModule)
void setComplex (RubyClass complexClass)
void setContinuation (RubyClass continuationClass)
void setConverter (RubyClass converterClass)
void setDefaultThreadGroup (RubyThreadGroup defaultThreadGroup)
void setDir (RubyClass dirClass)
void setEncoding (RubyClass encodingClass)
void setEnumerable (RubyModule enumerableModule)
void setEnumerator (RubyClass enumeratorClass)
void setException (RubyClass exceptionClass)
void setFalseClass (RubyClass falseClass)
void setFile (RubyClass fileClass)
void setFileStat (RubyClass fileStatClass)
void setFileTest (RubyModule fileTestModule)
void setFixnum (RubyClass fixnumClass)
void setFloat (RubyClass floatClass)
void setGC (RubyModule gcModule)
void setGroupStruct (RubyClass groupStruct)
void setHash (RubyClass hashClass)
void setInteger (RubyClass integerClass)
void setIO (RubyClass ioClass)
void setKernel (RubyModule kernelModule)
void setMarshal (RubyModule marshalModule)
void setMatchData (RubyClass matchDataClass)
void setMath (RubyModule mathModule)
void setMethod (RubyClass methodClass)
void setNilClass (RubyClass nilClass)
void setNumeric (RubyClass numericClass)
void setObjectSpaceEnabled (boolean objectSpaceEnabled)
void setObjectSpaceModule (RubyModule objectSpaceModule)
void setPasswdStruct (RubyClass passwdStruct)
void setPrecision (RubyModule precisionModule)
void setProc (RubyClass procClass)
void setProcess (RubyModule processModule)
void setProcGID (RubyModule procGIDModule)
void setProcStatus (RubyClass procStatusClass)
void setProcSys (RubyModule procSysModule)
void setProcUID (RubyModule procUIDModule)
void setRange (RubyClass rangeClass)
void setRational (RubyClass rationalClass)
void setRegexp (RubyClass regexpClass)
void setString (RubyClass stringClass)
void setStructClass (RubyClass structClass)
void setSymbol (RubyClass symbolClass)
void setThread (RubyClass threadClass)
void setThreadGroup (RubyClass threadGroupClass)
void setTime (RubyClass timeClass)
void setTmsStruct (RubyClass tmsStruct)
void setTrueClass (RubyClass trueClass)
void setUnboundMethod (RubyClass unboundMethodClass)
void setYielder (RubyClass yielderClass)

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]

Package Attributes

RubyClass argumentError
RubyClass arrayClass
RubyClass bignumClass
RubyClass bindingClass
RubyClass classClass
RubyModule comparableModule
RubyClass complexClass
RubyClass concurrencyError
RubyClass continuationClass
RubyClass converterClass
RubyClass converterNotFoundError
boolean debug
Encoding defaultExternalEncoding
DynamicMethod defaultMethodMissing
RubyClass dirClass
RubyClass dummyClass
RubyClass encodingClass
RubyClass encodingCompatibilityError
RubyClass encodingError
RubyModule enumerableModule
RubyClass enumeratorClass
RubyClass eofError
RubyModule errnoModule
RubyModule etcModule
RubyClass exceptionClass
RubyClass falseClass
RubyClass fatal
RubyClass fileClass
RubyClass fileStatClass
RubyModule fileTestModule
RubyClass fixnumClass
RubyClass floatClass
RubyClass floatDomainError
RubyModule gcModule
RubyClass groupStruct
RubyClass hashClass
RubyClass indexError
RubyClass integerClass
RubyClass interrupt
RubyClass invalidByteSequenceError
RubyClass ioClass
RubyClass ioError
RubyClass loadError
RubyClass localJumpError
RubyModule marshalModule
RubyClass matchDataClass
RubyClass mathDomainError
RubyModule mathModule
RubyClass methodClass
RubyClass moduleClass
RubyClass nameError
RubyClass nameErrorMessage
RubyClass nativeException
RubyClass nilClass
RubyClass noMemoryError
RubyClass noMethodError
DynamicMethod normalMethodMissing
RubyClass notImplementedError
RubyClass numericClass
RubyClass objectClass
RubyModule objectSpaceModule
RubyClass passwdStruct
RubyModule precisionModule
RubyClass procClass
RubyModule processModule
RubyModule procGIDModule
RubyClass procStatusClass
RubyModule procSysModule
RubyModule procUIDModule
DynamicMethod protectedMethodMissing
RubyClass randomClass
RubyClass rangeClass
RubyClass rangeError
RubyClass rationalClass
RubyClass regexpClass
RubyClass regexpError
RubyClass runtimeError
RubyClass scriptError
RubyClass securityError
RubyClass signalException
RubyClass standardError
RubyClass stopIteration
RubyClass stringClass
RubyClass structClass
DynamicMethod superMethodMissing
RubyClass symbolClass
RubyClass syntaxError
RubyClass systemCallError
RubyClass systemExit
RubyClass systemStackError
RubyClass threadClass
RubyClass threadError
RubyClass threadGroupClass
RubyClass timeClass
RubyClass tmsStruct
RubyClass trueClass
RubyClass typeError
RubyClass unboundMethodClass
RubyClass undefinedConversionError
DynamicMethod variableMethodMissing
boolean warningsEnabled
RubyClass yielderClass
RubyClass zeroDivisionError

Private Member Functions

void addBuiltinIfAllowed (String name, Library lib)
void addLazyBuiltin (String name, String shortName, String className)
void bootstrap ()
void cleanDescriptors ()
void createSysErr (int i, String name)
RubyClass defineClassIfAllowed (String name, RubyClass superClass)
IRubyObject execRecursiveI (ExecRecursiveParams p)
IRubyObject execRecursiveInternal (RecursiveFunction func, IRubyObject obj, IRubyObject pairid, boolean outer)
void init ()
void initBuiltins ()
void initCore ()
void initErrno ()
void initExceptions ()
void initRoot ()
RaiseException newRaiseException (RubyClass exceptionClass, String message)
void printErrorPos (ThreadContext context, PrintStream errorStream)
void printRubiniusTrace (RubyException exception)
boolean recursiveCheck (IRubyObject list, IRubyObject obj_id, IRubyObject paired_obj_id)
IRubyObject recursiveListAccess ()
void recursivePop (IRubyObject list, IRubyObject obj, IRubyObject paired_obj)
void recursivePush (IRubyObject list, IRubyObject obj, IRubyObject paired_obj)
 Ruby (RubyInstanceConfig config)
Script tryCompile (Node node, String cachedClassName, JRubyClassLoader classLoader, ASTInspector inspector, boolean dump)
Script tryCompile (Node node, String cachedClassName, JRubyClassLoader classLoader, boolean dump)

Static Private Member Functions

static synchronized void setGlobalRuntimeFirstTimeOnly (Ruby runtime)

Private Attributes

final Set< RubyModuleallModules = new WeakHashSet<RubyModule>()
IRubyObject argsFile
final Stack< RubyProcatExitBlocks = new Stack<RubyProc>()
RubyClass basicObjectClass
BeanManager beanManager
final CallTraceFuncHook callTraceFuncHook = new CallTraceFuncHook()
RubyHash charsetMap
final RubyInstanceConfig config
volatile int constantGeneration = 1
String currentDirectory
int currentLine = 0
Encoding defaultInternalEncoding
RubyThreadGroup defaultThreadGroup
ReferenceQueue< ChannelDescriptordescriptorQueue = new ReferenceQueue<ChannelDescriptor>()
Map< Integer,
descriptors = new ConcurrentHashMap<Integer, WeakDescriptorReference>()
boolean doNotReverseLookupEnabled = false
final AtomicLong dynamicMethodSerial = new AtomicLong(1)
EncodingService encodingService
final PrintStream err
Map< Integer, RubyClasserrnos = new HashMap<Integer, RubyClass>()
final List< EventHookeventHooks = new Vector<EventHook>()
ExecutorService executor
RubyBoolean falseObject
Map< Finalizable, Object > finalizers
final Object finalizersMutex = new Object()
boolean globalAbortOnExceptionEnabled = false
long globalState = 1
GlobalVariables globalVariables = new GlobalVariables(this)
boolean hasEventHooks
final Object hierarchyLock = new Object()
final InputStream in
ThreadLocal< Map< Object,
Object > > 
inspect = new ThreadLocal<Map<Object, Object>>()
Map< Finalizable, Object > internalFinalizers
final Object internalFinalizersMutex = new Object()
final boolean is1_9
JavaSupport javaSupport
final JITCompiler jitCompiler
final Set< ScriptjittedMethods = Collections.synchronizedSet(new WeakHashSet<Script>())
JRubyClassLoader jrubyClassLoader
KCode kcode = KCode.NONE
RubyModule kernelModule
LoadService loadService
final AtomicInteger moduleLastId = new AtomicInteger(0)
RubyNil nilObject
final IRubyObject nilPrefilledArray [] = new IRubyObject[NIL_PREFILLED_ARRAY_SIZE]
final ObjectSpace objectSpace = new ObjectSpace()
volatile boolean objectSpaceEnabled
final PrintStream out
final Parser parser = new Parser(this)
ParserStats parserStats
POSIX posix
DynamicMethod privateMethodMissing
Profile profile
DynamicMethod[] profiledMethods = new DynamicMethod[0]
String[] profiledNames = new String[0]
Random random = new Random()
long randomSeed = 0
long randomSeedSequence = 0
GlobalVariable recordSeparatorVar
ThreadLocal< Map< String,
RubyHash > > 
recursive = new ThreadLocal<Map<String, RubyHash>>()
RubySymbol recursiveKey
Object respondToMethod
Map< Integer, ChannelDescriptorretainedDescriptors = new ConcurrentHashMap<Integer, ChannelDescriptor>()
int safeLevel = -1
final SelectorPool selectorPool = new SelectorPool()
IRubyObject[] singleNilArray
int stackTraces = 0
long startTime = System.currentTimeMillis()
final AtomicInteger symbolLastId = new AtomicInteger(128)
final RubySymbol.SymbolTable symbolTable = new RubySymbol.SymbolTable(this)
final ThreadService threadService
final Map< String, DateTimeZone > timeZoneCache = new HashMap<String,DateTimeZone>()
IRubyObject topSelf
RubyBoolean trueObject
boolean verbose
IRubyObject verboseValue
final RubyWarnings warnings = new RubyWarnings(this)

Static Private Attributes

static Ruby globalRuntime
static final int MAX_PROFILE_METHODS = 100000
static volatile boolean securityRestricted = false

Detailed Description

The Ruby object represents the top-level of a JRuby "instance" in a given VM. JRuby supports spawning multiple instances in the same JVM. Generally, objects created under these instances are tied to a given runtime, for such details as identity and type, because multiple Ruby instances means there are multiple instances of each class. This means that in multi-runtime mode (or really, multi-VM mode, where each JRuby instance is a ruby "VM"), objects generally can't be transported across runtimes without marshaling.

This class roots everything that makes the JRuby runtime function, and provides a number of utility methods for constructing global types and accessing global runtime structures.

Definition at line 159 of file Ruby.java.

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