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org::jruby::RubyBasicObject Class Reference

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class  BasicObjectMethods
class  Finalizer

Public Member Functions

void addFinalizer (IRubyObject f)
IRubyObject anyToString ()
String asJavaString ()
RubyString asString ()
final IRubyObject callMethod (ThreadContext context, String name)
final IRubyObject callMethod (ThreadContext context, String name, IRubyObject arg)
final IRubyObject callMethod (ThreadContext context, String name, IRubyObject[] args)
final IRubyObject callMethod (String name, IRubyObject...args)
final IRubyObject callMethod (String name)
final IRubyObject callMethod (ThreadContext context, String name, IRubyObject[] args, Block block)
final IRubyObject callMethod (ThreadContext context, int methodIndex, String name)
final IRubyObject callMethod (ThreadContext context, int methodIndex, String name, IRubyObject arg)
IRubyObject callSuper (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject[] args, Block block)
IRubyObject checkArrayType ()
final IRubyObject checkCallMethod (ThreadContext context, String name)
IRubyObject checkStringType ()
IRubyObject checkStringType19 ()
int compareTo (IRubyObject other)
RubyArray convertToArray ()
RubyFloat convertToFloat ()
RubyHash convertToHash ()
RubyInteger convertToInteger ()
RubyInteger convertToInteger (String convertMethod)
RubyInteger convertToInteger (int methodIndex, String convertMethod)
RubyString convertToString ()
void copyInstanceVariablesInto (final InstanceVariables other)
void copyInstanceVariablesInto (InstanceVariables other)
void copySpecialInstanceVariables (IRubyObject clone)
synchronized Object dataGetStruct ()
synchronized Object dataGetStructChecked ()
synchronized void dataWrapStruct (Object obj)
IRubyObject dup ()
boolean eql (IRubyObject other)
IRubyObject equal_p19 (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject other)
IRubyObject fastGetInstanceVariable (String internedName)
Object fastGetInternalVariable (String internedName)
boolean fastHasInstanceVariable (String internedName)
boolean fastHasInternalVariable (String internedName)
IRubyObject fastSetInstanceVariable (String internedName, IRubyObject value)
void fastSetInternalVariable (String internedName, Object value)
final boolean getFlag (int flag)
IRubyObject getInstanceVariable (String name)
List< Variable< IRubyObject > > getInstanceVariableList ()
List< String > getInstanceVariableNameList ()
InstanceVariables getInstanceVariables ()
Object getInternalVariable (String name)
InternalVariables getInternalVariables ()
Class getJavaClass ()
final RubyClass getMetaClass ()
int getNativeTypeIndex ()
final Ruby getRuntime ()
RubyClass getSingletonClass ()
RubyClass getType ()
Object getVariable (int index)
int getVariableCount ()
List< Variable< Object > > getVariableList ()
List< String > getVariableNameList ()
IRubyObject hashyInspect ()
boolean hasInstanceVariable (String name)
boolean hasInternalVariable (String name)
boolean hasVariables ()
IRubyObject id ()
IRubyObject infectBy (IRubyObject obj)
IRubyObject inspect ()
boolean isBuiltin (String methodName)
boolean isClass ()
final boolean isFalse ()
boolean isFrozen ()
boolean isImmediate ()
boolean isModule ()
final boolean isNil ()
boolean isTaint ()
final boolean isTrue ()
boolean isUntrusted ()
RubyClass makeMetaClass (RubyClass superClass)
IRubyObject op_eqq (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject other)
IRubyObject op_equal (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject obj)
IRubyObject op_equal_19 (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject obj)
IRubyObject op_not (ThreadContext context)
IRubyObject op_not_equal (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject other)
IRubyObject rbClone ()
void removeFinalizers ()
IRubyObject removeInstanceVariable (String name)
Object removeInternalVariable (String name)
final boolean respondsTo (String name)
 RubyBasicObject (Ruby runtime, RubyClass metaClass)
 RubyBasicObject (RubyClass metaClass)
final void setFlag (int flag, boolean set)
void setFrozen (boolean frozen)
IRubyObject setInstanceVariable (String name, IRubyObject value)
void setInternalVariable (String name, Object value)
void setMetaClass (RubyClass metaClass)
void setTaint (boolean taint)
void setUntrusted (boolean untrusted)
synchronized void setVariable (int index, Object value)
void syncVariables (List< Variable< Object >> variables)
Object toJava (Class target)

Static Public Member Functions

static RubyClass createBasicObjectClass (Ruby runtime, RubyClass objectClass)

Static Public Attributes

static final int ALL_F = -1
static final int COMPARE_BY_IDENTITY_F = (1<<(FL_USHIFT+8))
static final int FALSE_F = 1 << 0
static final int FL_USHIFT = 5
static final int FROZEN_F = 1 << 2
static final IRubyObject NEVER = new RubyBasicObject()
static final int NIL_F = 1 << 1
static final IRubyObject[] NULL_ARRAY = new IRubyObject[0]
static final ObjectAllocator OBJECT_ALLOCATOR
static final int TAINTED_F = 1 << 3
static final IRubyObject UNDEF = new RubyBasicObject()
static final int UNTRUSTED_F = 1 << 4
static final int USER0_F = (1<<(FL_USHIFT+0))
static final int USER1_F = (1<<(FL_USHIFT+1))
static final int USER2_F = (1<<(FL_USHIFT+2))
static final int USER3_F = (1<<(FL_USHIFT+3))
static final int USER4_F = (1<<(FL_USHIFT+4))
static final int USER5_F = (1<<(FL_USHIFT+5))
static final int USER6_F = (1<<(FL_USHIFT+6))
static final int USER7_F = (1<<(FL_USHIFT+7))

Protected Member Functions

final void ensureInstanceVariablesSettable ()
synchronized long getObjectId ()
RubyClass getSingletonClassClone ()
synchronized long initObjectId (RubyClass.VariableAccessor objectIdAccessor)
int inspectHashCode ()
 RubyBasicObject (Ruby runtime, RubyClass metaClass, boolean useObjectSpace)
 RubyBasicObject (Ruby runtime, RubyClass metaClass, boolean useObjectSpace, boolean canBeTainted)
void taint (Ruby runtime)
final void testFrozen (String message)
final void testFrozen ()
boolean variableTableContains (String name)
boolean variableTableFastContains (String internedName)
Object variableTableFastFetch (String internedName)
Object variableTableFastStore (String internedName, Object value)
Object variableTableFetch (String name)
Object variableTableRemove (String name)
Object variableTableStore (String name, Object value)
void variableTableSync (List< Variable< Object >> vars)

Static Protected Member Functions

static boolean equalInternal (final ThreadContext context, final IRubyObject that, final IRubyObject other)

Protected Attributes

int flags
transient RubyClass metaClass

Static Protected Attributes

static final String ERR_INSECURE_SET_INST_VAR = "Insecure: can't modify instance variable"

Package Functions

IRubyObject checkIntegerType (Ruby runtime, IRubyObject obj, String method)
final RubyBasicObject infectBy (RubyBasicObject obj)
final RubyBasicObject infectBy (int tuFlags)

Static Package Functions

static RubyString inspect (ThreadContext context, IRubyObject object)

Private Member Functions

void addToObjectSpace (Ruby runtime)
Object[] getVariableTableForRead ()
synchronized Object[] getVariableTableForWrite (int index)
StringBuilder inspectObj (StringBuilder part)
 RubyBasicObject ()
synchronized void setObjectId (int index, long value)

Static Private Member Functions

static void initCopy (IRubyObject clone, IRubyObject original)

Private Attributes

volatile Object[] varTable = NULL_OBJECT_ARRAY

Static Private Attributes

static final boolean DEBUG = false
static final Object[] NULL_OBJECT_ARRAY = new Object[0]

Detailed Description


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